AI Skin Analysis

Meet Dora the Face Explorer!

What is AI Skin Analysis?

Our AI Skin Analysis is as easy as taking a selfie and will help you better understand your skin´s specific needs. The ultra-fast edge AI algorithm expertly analyzes face images for all 14 types of skin concerns in under 2 seconds.

Everything you need to know

The scope of our skin analysis covers 14 key metrics including;
spots, texture, dark circles, oiliness, acne, droopy lower eyelid, radiance, wrinkles, eyebags, moisture, redness, droopy upper eyelid, firmness, and pores. 

First, you need to enable your camera. After that, start the analysis process. You’ll then receive a full report of your skin conditions. It’s as easy as taking a selfie!

Conducting a skin analysis involves a few simple steps and can be done in seconds.

Our analysis includes a scope of detailed skin report, where all the skin concerns will be displayed as scores.

Additionally, we provide a skin age analysis, and based on the analysis, the AI tech can offer personalized skincare routine recommendations tailored to address the specific needs from the customers.

The Analysis

1. Wrinkles

Skin analyses the severity of 5 different lines, wrinkles, and folds that start to form as you age:
forehead lines, glabellar (frown lines), periorbital (around your eyes), nasolabial fold (smile lines), and marionette lines (corner of your mouth).

2. Radiance

It examines how light reflects on your cheeks and where radiance is most visible. This factor is usually affected by dehydrated skin, wrinkles, enlarged pores, redness, and visible spots.

3. Firmness

To understand the strength of your skin tonicity, it examines two areas where skin usually starts loosening with age: upper cheeks and lower contours.

4. Pore Quality

It looks for the presence of enlarged pores on each side of your nose, which can originate from oily skin, dry areas or blackheads.

5. Pigmentation

The tool examines skin uniformity by analysing natural pigmentation and detecting discoloration on your cheeks — the area most exposed to environmental damage and brown spots.

6. Fine Lines

It analyses dehydration lines that generally appear around the eyes and the mouth – areas prone to dehydration lines.

7. Eye Wrinkles

It identifies signs of fatigue and dehydration lines on your eye contour. With over 10,000 blinks a day, your eye contour area is prone to loss of elasticity and suppleness.

8. Deep Wrinkles

And the last area of analysis is zones of high amounts of muscular movement – forehead, crow’s feet and around the mouth.