Laser Hair Removal in Bolton | Elysion

Elysion Laser hair removal is painless, fast, and effective. Read on to find out all you need to know about the laser technology Escala Beauty in Bolton uses. Never shave or wax again!


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Specific wavelengths of laser light are selectively absorbed by melanin, the dark pigment which surrounds the hair follicle. The laser heas the follicle and disables the follicle at the root causing the hair to fall out permanently. Elysion uses the optimal wavelength to deliver high energy ensuring best results.

All lasers can only treat hair in the growing stage, or visible on the surface of the skin. At any one point this represents approximately 30% of all hairs in the skin. The other hairs are dormant. There are three phases of hair growth and we need to treat all three phases for maximum clearance.

Due to it’s ability to deliver high energy specifically to the hair follicle, the results from Elysion are superior and you can achieve maximum results in approximately 6 sessions. Other lower power lasers or IPLs can take 8-12 sessions.

Each session is approximately 8 weeks apart. In between sessions you will for the most part be hair free and return for your next treatment when the next phase becomes visible.

Elysion laser uses an intergrated patented ‘crystal freeze’ technology to keep the skin surface at a constant five degrees, thereby protecting the skin and ensuring a very comfortable treatment. Elysion also has a Dynamic mode for truely painless treatment.

We can treat all areas of the face and body.

Not all laser or IPL systems offer permanent hair removal but Elysion, due to it’s high power and effective cooling technology can remove hair permanently. The hairs treated with Elysion will not grow back. However, any future hormonal changes may result in new growth and require additional treatment in the future.

Elysion can effectively treat all skin types. Unlike some other lasers or IPLs, there is no restriction on skin type and we can even treat tanned skin.

Elysion is one of the fastest lasers for hair removal so our prices are very competititve. Please refer to our price list for information and offers.


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*Results vary from person to person.