Hopi Ear Candles – Perfect Remedy for Hay Fever


Hopi ear candle treatments can help to reduce inflammation in the ears and sinuses, relieve the symptoms of hay fever, rebalance your body’s natural flow, and generally calm and relax you when life is stressful.

The ‘candle’ is a tube of linen  or cotton, impregnated with beeswax, honey and essential oils. You lie on your side and the candle is placed into your ear and lit. The heat and herbs then draw out  any blockages. It sounds alarming but, aside from a crackling noise, I was oblivious to the fact that a flame was just inches above my cheek; I could feel only a warm, comforting sensation.

And I didn’t have to worry about my hair catching fire – my therapist was there to hold the candle in place.

My therapist then unwrapped the candle to show me the gunk it had drawn out of my lugholes.

If you’re suffering with sinus problems or even hay fever, I’d wholeheartedly recommend putting aside any reservations you may have and giving it a go!

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