SQT Spongilla Spicule

What is the SQT Spongilla Spicule?

  1. SQT® Spongilla Spicules are a kind of siliceous bio microneedle that is extracted from the freshwater sponge.

  2. It can be seen as powder by our eyes, and as sharp rod crystal or blunt bone needle under the microscope. Spongilla spicules are generally 200-250um in length and around 10um in diameter.

  3. SQT® Spongilla Spicules are the core product of Sunshine Bio-Tech. Hunan Sunshine Bio-Tech Co., Ltd. is the pioneer of hydrolysed sponge purification and extraction, with 8 years of dedicated R&D and production, we deeply polish each bio microneedle to provide the highest quality spongilla spicules for the cosmetic industry.

How does the SQT treatment work?

In just 5 Minutes, 3-5 million natural siliceous microneedles are directly introduced into the dermis layer of the skin through hand massage to promote skin metabolism and stimulate collagen regeneration. There is no bleeding, no anaesthesia, and no skin breakage. The treatment shortens the skin cycle from 28 days to 7 days by activation of the basal skin cells, and achieves natural, safe, and effective physical rejuvenation.

Spongilla spicules are an effective modality of skin resurfacing and provide a natural alternative approach to microdermabrasion and dermabrasion, chemical peels (glycolic acid, Jessner’s, phenol and trichloroacetic acid peels), CO laser resurfacing and Erbium laser peels to correct visual facial defects such as hyperpigmentation of various etiology, fine wrinkles, Sun damage, Superficial Scars, comedones, enlarged pores, and facial rejuvenation.
Upon massaging Spongilla spicules into the skin, the spicules mechanically separate the epidermal layers and reduce keratinocyte cohesion, thereby increasing stratum corneum sloughing and sebum plug and loose keratinocyte removal.

Flaking or peeling can be expected depending on the aesthetician’s level of penetration and the clients current skin condition. Not everyone will peel from treatment, and this does not mean it is not working, rather that the area is regenerating at a faster rate. Spongilla spicules will not be absorbed but they can last in the skin for up to 48~72 hours. After 48-72 hours they will be discharged with the stratum corneum that has fallen off. Compared with a traditional metal microneedle, the procedure is much easier and the risk of infection is greatly reduced. Compared with chemical peeling and herbal peeling, SQT® spongilla spicules therapy has NO SIDE EFFECTS, is suitable for all skin types and colours, because the ingredients are all natural and does not contain acid or ingredients that damage the skin.

SQT bio Microneedling is set to over take most machine based laser treatments in the next 5 years as the skin health is left in a much healthier position and heals much faster than traditional lasers and chemical peels. SQT can effectively treat an array of skin problems including and not limited to: Acne, Acne scars, Pigmentation, melasma, Pimples, Whelk, Blackheads, Whiteheads, Large pores, Papules, Anti-Aging, Stretch Marks, Anti-wrinkle regeneration, Fine Lines, lifting and firming, Blemishes ,hydration and oil balancing.

How many sessions are required?

A course of 4 sessions is recommended every 2 weeks for long term and effective results on the face. For body parts and dependant on the condition, a course of 6 – 8 sessions may be required.

Are the spicules ethically sourced through sustainability?

Sponges are live creatures and are important to the ecosystem and oceans.
Spongilla spicules have been famous for centuries and have been known for their use in skincare dating back to the 18th century in Europe.

Sponge Spicules come from the freshwater sponge, SQT use 3 main locations in Ukraine, Russia and China.Spicules sourced are completely natural, vegan, 100% ecological, and at the same time unique in preparation using nano biological spicules.
Spicules are a hydrolyte of the purest organism in the world. So far they have grown to more than 10,000 types.

Sponge Spicules are a sustainable development, with no damage to the economy.

Hunan sunshine biotech own ISO series certification.(ISO9001, ISO14001, and ISO 45001) which are available upon request.

We also strictly abide by laws and government standards when researching and producing sponge raw materials.

What is the cost per treatment?

Once you have trained and are fully certified in SQT Bio Microneedling you will be able to log into your account and purchase products directly from us. We will often have bundle deals and discounts for registered stockists to keep your price as low as possible. You will not be able to perform treatments or purchase products without valid certification. Pricing may alter from time to time depending on discounts/inflation etc.
Pricing per treatment is listed below before any discounts are given:

Revitalising Treatment | 30 mins – Suitable for pigmentation, melasma, sensitive skin, fine lines and wrinkles, over all skin rejuvenation, first time skin treatment users including severe acne and mild rosacea £52 per treatment – RRP £160 (£108 profit per treatment)

Resurfacing treatment | 40 mins – Suitable for active acne, acne scarring, stretch marks, blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, congested and oily skin. £54 per treatment – RRP £200 (£146 profit per treatment)

Anti-Ageing treatment | 60 mins – Suitable for ages 30-70 and specifically targeting jowls and areas of ageing skin. Treatment aims to lift, firm and remodel underlying skin structures. £75 per treatment – RRP £250 (£175 profit per treatment)

Recovery Serum – Box of 10 ampoules – Trade Price £99 Retail Price – £160

Recovery Mask – Box of 5 masks – Trade Price £40- Retail Price- £55

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