Why Getting Laser Hair Removal will Change your Life


Why get Laser Hair Removal?

Are you tired of dealing with unwanted hair? Or painful ingrown hairs that keep coming back? Or maybe you are just fed up with spending hundreds of pounds a year on razors, waxing sessions, or hair removal creams. Laser hair removal is your solution to all of these problems!

It's a fast and simple process.

It is painless.

Depending on the treatment area depends on how long you’ll be under the laser but generally, laser hair removal is a very quick process. You will have to have a few treatments, but each session is over quickly.

It can remove hair from every part of the body and the technology is extremely precise, meaning specific areas can be targeted. From top lip to bikini line, laser is a great option.

Waxing, plucking, and shaving can all be quite painful, not to mention the awful smell of hair removal cream. Laser is ever so slightly uncomfortable but a lot less painful than other treatments. Similarly, laser prevents the possibility of ingrown hairs, which can be seriously sore, as it stops growth from the root and so avoids hairs growing back into the body.

It's a long-term solution

It is beneficial long-term as you don’t need to endure the regrowth stages involved in waxing and plucking, you can be smooth 24/7.

The majority of people who have it, see long-term results, you are guaranteed to see a reduction in hair growth that becomes easier and cheaper to maintain over time. No more razors or waxing sessions, making it a cost-effective choice.

Why is Winter the Best Time to do it?

We would highly recommend you get your treatments now, in the colder months, as appointments must be staggered weeks apart. In order to be smooth for the summer, you need to plan ahead. The greater the difference between the skin colour and the hair colour, the better, and more efficient the laser is. Tanned skin may require a larger number of treatments and so winter, when skin tends to be less sun-kissed is the optimal time to receive laser. Similarly, after treatments, the skin is more sensitive to sun exposure. If you go in direct sunlight after treatment, you are at risk of suffering skin damage and pigmentation issues.

Jay Parmar
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I’d highly recommend Escala Beauty. Shushila gave me a hot stone full body massage and it was absolutely brilliant, it was so relaxing and heavenly that I fell asleep! My muscles were so happy, they finally felt looser and reenergised. I’ll definitely be booking in more regularly, especially as it’s so easy to book either online or on the phone. Fantastic service. Thank you very much!
Louise Taylor
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I need these appointments. Not only is Natasha just the most lovely person she is fabulous at what she does. The facials are amazing and she is firm with the body massage so really gets into those knots. It's such a pleasant experience with a beautiful, peaceful salon. It is easy to book, all covid safe. Superb service.
Kalpna Kathiriya
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Extremely clean, welcoming and professional at all levels. Seen on time, beautiful and relaxing atmosphere and wasn’t rushed. The treatments I had were amazing! Highly recommend

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